Northern Red.
Northern Red's Sniper course focuses on effective combat employment of a long range rifle in a semi or non-permissive urban environment. Purpose built for a designated marksman, dedicated sniper or shooter looking to better understand the complexities of fighting in urban spaces, the course identifies practical weapons systems, optics and other equipment that will make both individuals and teams more potent units in a metro area. The Northern Red Sniper course also dives into both the nuances of camouflage and concealment techniques, range estimation and movement in a urban area and how to leverage them to the end users advantage.

End State.
With time-in exploring the capabilities and limitations of a long range rifle in an urban battle space, shooters will be able to game a fight from the bottom up in 3 dimensions versus from the top down giving them an potential advantage when facing real-world adversaries in those conditions. As with every Northern Red class, students also leave with tools for identifying their short comings and overcoming them with a template utilized by the majority of the United States Special Operations community.

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Topics Covered.
Introduction to Sniper Rifle
Rifle Set Up
Selection,Care And Cleaning Of Rifle And Optics
Ballistics - Internal/External
Use Of Elevation/Windage/Parallax Turrets
Long Range Marksmanship Shooting Fundamentals
Zeroing at Different Yard Lines
Ranging from the Reticle
Use of Laser Range Finder
Mil Dot or Horus Reticle
Calculation Of Holds
Caliber Evaluation and Selection
Scope Selection - Reticle Choices
Basic Wind
Body Position
Maximizing Performance of any Reticle
Positional Shooting
High Angle Theory
Required Equipment.
Short Bipod
Tools For Scope, Rifle, etc.
Shooting Support Including Shooting Bags,
  Bipods, Shooting Sticks, etc.
250 Rounds of Duty Rifle Ammunition
Writing Material
Cleaning Kit
Protective Eye Wear (Clear Lens)
Ear Protection
Proper Clothes for the Weather
Outdoor Footwear
Shooting Mat (Optional)
Format and Prerequisites.
This course will be conducted in an urban training environment and on a live fire range. Come prepared for inclement weather and an 8-9 hour day with time allotted for lunch, with food and water being an individual responsibility.

Shoot houses, known distance range, lecture, and discussion, physically demanding course (be prepared to shoot a full day slick and in full kit)

Previous long range rifle experience, an open mind, a good attitude and thick skin.

If you cannot acquire a required piece of equipment prior to the start date of your course, please contact the Northern Red staff. With the exception of firearms, equipment will be made available for student rental.