Northern Red.
Purpose built for individuals assigned to DoD or Law Enforcement entry teams tasked with conducting close quarters battle, Advanced Opposition Based CQB is a class for veteran shooters dedicated to taking their craft to the limit of their abilities. In force-on-force runs through realistic houses, students will face a range of opponents intent on stopping the entry team in their tracks or delaying them long enough for their compatriots to complete their own objectives. Each run will be analyzed by instructors and participants alike with combat proven techniques introduced by men who have used them to overcome the exact encounters the students face.

End State.
With dozens of runs through the house completed, students will have tested not only their own TTPs and abilities, but their equipment and themselves. Advanced Opposition Based CQB can be an eye opening experience, where what does and what does not work is laid bare and shooters get a rare chance to refine their approach to the some of the most dangerous work in the business. As with every Northern Red class, students also leave with tools for identifying their short comings and overcoming them with a template utilized by the majority of the United States Special Operations community.

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Topics Covered.
NR Diagnostic Evaluation
CQB Marksmanship (Carbine and Pistol)
Urban Movement Techniques
Principles of CQB
Team Duties and Responsibilities
Four Man CQB
Danger Area TTPs
  + Hallways
  + Intersections
  + Open Doors
  + Stairs
  + Closed Doors
Training with a Combat Mindset
Kit Set-up
Required Equipment.
Carbine (with UTM or Sims Conversion)
Pistol (with UTM or Sims Conversion)
4 Pistol Magazines
4 Carbine Magazines
300 UTM/SIM Rounds Carbine (3 Day)
200 UTM/SIM Rounds Carbine (2 Day)
50 UTM/SIM Rounds Pistol
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Weapons Cleaning Kit
Format and Prerequisites.
This course will be conducted in various shoot house environments. Come prepared for inclement weather and an 8-9 hour day with time allotted for lunch, with food and water being an individual responsibility.

Simunition/UTM, force on force, lecture and discussion. This is a physically demanding course (be prepared to shoot a full day in full kit).

Team Entry Experience, active LE/DOD credentials, an open mind, good attitude and thick skin.

If you cannot acquire a required piece of equipment prior to the start date of your course, please contact the Northern Red staff. With the exception of firearms, equipment will be made available for student rental.